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Apple - Gala (7 per pack)Imported

BBD 6.00
Gala apples packaged for that 1-a-day rule

Banana (sold as singles)Imported

BBD 0.95

Broccoli (sold per pound)Imported

BBD 6.50

Cabbage (per pound)Imported

BBD 3.50

Carrot (sold in 1 lb bags)Imported

BBD 3.75
Sold in one pound bags

Garlic (sold in 1/2 lb Sachets)Imported

BBD 4.75

Ginger (Sold per pound)Imported

BBD 9.00

Grapefruit - PinkImported

BBD 4.50

Grapes (sold in 1 lb bags)Imported

BBD 6.99
Red Seedless
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