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Bakpao Mipao FROZEN

IDR 15,000.00
Isi 30pcs

Bakso Ikan Teman LautFROZEN

IDR 10,000.00
Per 200gr

Chicken Nugget FiestaFROZEN

IDR 23,000.00
Per 250gr

Chicken Nugget Funny OoyeFROZEN

IDR 13,000.00
Per 250gr

Chicken Nugget SoNiceFROZEN

IDR 15,000.00
Per 250gr

Ebi furai by cedeaFROZEN

IDR 30,000.00
Per 10pcs

Edamame by minakuFROZEN

IDR 15,000.00
Per 500gr

Hakau udang bumifood FROZEN

IDR 27,000.00
Per 222gr

Kentang shoestring aviko FROZEN

IDR 28,000.00
Per kg
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