Saylor Basket Place
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1300 W Hwy 20 - Porter, IN, USA

We make and paint all of our concrete! All concrete can be ordered, even if not currently in stock. Orders may take up to 2 - 3 weeks to be completed. Custom paint jobs are available, enter in description how you would like the piece painted. Please call or email for additional information.

Garden Stakes/Hooks

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Garden Stakes/Hooks

Adjustable deck baseGarden Stakes/Hooks

12" dia

Carnation Garden stake Garden Stakes/Hooks

34" tall Bouncy top

Garden Bird StakeGarden Stakes/Hooks

49" tall

Large garden hookGarden Stakes/Hooks

6 ft tall

Peacock stakeGarden Stakes/Hooks

40" tall

Solar blue flower stakeGarden Stakes/Hooks

24" tall Solar powered

Solar glass bluebellsGarden Stakes/Hooks

36" tall blinking lights
Security tip: Avoid scams. Do not pay for items in advance if you do not know the seller. All items and offers listed are the responsibility of Saylor Basket Place
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